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What some students of the Omni Healing Distant Method have to say:

Distant attunement Omni 1.

This was my first experience of distant attunement, and I was wary, however, I had full-body sensations and complete relaxation. Excellent.

Stephanie’s gentle and compassionate style of teaching is very encouraging, and she is ready to answer any questions.

I feel Omni, actually, I have started to breathe Omni. Compared to Reiki the healing energy is far more powerful.

Thank you Stephanie Thank you Shivananda

Feedback for Stephanie on Omni and Attunements

I first came to experience a distant healing with Stephanie in July 2021 and was completely blown away with the healing.  I felt balanced, calm, peaceful and happy.  Shortly afterwards I received an Omni level one attunement distantly.  I am honestly always slightly sceptical and wondered how this would feel and work.  Again, I was amazed by the beauty and power of the attunement.  All through the 30 minute connection I felt safe and protected.  I sensed energy shifting, I felt giggly at some points and joyfully tearful at others.  I sensed that I had received an immense gift.  Following on I worked with Omni for myself and others for a year.  I have recently received Omni Level 2 attunements and again astounded by the safety, beauty, power and effectiveness of the Omni energy.  I am now using the new omni 2 symbols daily and practising on others one to one and distantly.  The effect is amazing.  Omni raises the consciousness in a grounded way and opens doors!  The Omni energy is like no other healing modality and I have learned many!  I am looking forward to working towards Omni level 3 now and deepening my whole understanding of this unique healing system.  Stephanie gives generously of her time, care and her wisdom.  She is truly dedicated to her work and focus in the Omni Healing systems - Thank you so much for sharing this gift. 

Blessings, Rhosalaria Gwyneth - August 2022

Distant attunement Omni 2.                                                                                       

This attunement was different, I had a musical humming in my ears and again, very relaxing. I find the interaction with Stephanie always positive. She explains things in a very user friendly way and is very encouraging.

Thank you, Stephanie    Love and Omni,


Distant attunement Omni 1.

I feel amazing, the attunement felt great. I felt the positive feeling that Stephanie was with me.    

Natalie xxx

My experience in my distant Omni 1 attunement was amazing.

I felt like that my body wasn't inside my body, I felt very calm and relaxed. I had someone come to me and felt this person was with me throughout the experience.

 I felt the sensation of energy waves entering my body and also could see these in purple and blue colours.

 I could feel your breath on my hands as if you were right there in the room with me and I also had someone else there with us. I could feel you touching me and blowing on my hands it was amazing and the waves of purple energy running throughout me.

 I am absolutely fascinated and energised by my experience. I feel alive, energetic, and revitalised it was amazing.

Thank you so much Stephanie for this fantastic opportunity.

Natalie with Love, light, and Omni 🙌🏻💖🕉️ xxx

’Omni 1 distant attunement. I sat as instructed, in attitude of gratitude. Open-minded- having recently received a distance attunement from Sameer. To begin- I was experiencing a humbling emotion as though in the presence of something, although an unknown something.

Then, I noticed my open, upturned palms tingling (as they do when I channel Omni).  I was waiting- I found my head had bowed. I noticed I was breathing in a regular but faster manner than is normal for me in a meditative state – then….A sudden and huge heat enveloped me. It came from my feet, upwards through my body and my crown opened wide.

When that subsided, it felt as though the top of my skull had been removed. Not painful but open. Symbols and flashes of light were pouring in. Waves of coloured light moved through my awareness- new colours. Beings also. It felt fantastic- the connection and knowing,

My hands started to move without my intention, into prayer position. They were squeezed together three times. I felt a draught over my face, heart, and hands. My hands lowered. This was repeated but I do not know how often- I struggled to remain aware.

I knew I was no longer in my room. We, I felt, were somewhere dark, possibly out in space- or in the void. No solidarity, no time, nothing. Just being. This was very intriguing to me. Past attunements have felt similar but my awareness has become able to understand this more as time has passed.

I felt hands on my shoulders briefly and on my back. Then my hands rose again to prayer position. This was not a conscious movement. I even tried to stop them. They were pressed together again. I recall placing my hands on my own shoulders, my arms crossed over my chest. Then they were down again in the attitude of gratitude. Then briefly in prayer position. Then attitude of gratitude. Then…. My alarm went off (after 30 Minutes) This was 30 minutes from Stephanie’s agreed beginning

My Dear Stephanie I hope this brief account of my experiences will be of interest. I do thank you for the opportunity to be involved.  
Bless you Caroline x’’


Thank you for the wonderful Omni OB distant attunement I received from you.

The energy was beautiful, light, airy, playful, going through my Chakras.

My feet and legs were tingling. I received the most beautiful white blue and golden energy.  My hands were very warm with the Omni energy.

I felt so connected. I was very relaxed and in a deep state. I felt the energy leave when you had finished.

I sat there in deep meditation for 20 minutes. I made a hot drink and went to bed. I went to sleep immediately and slept deeply the whole night.

I awoke relaxed and energised. I practiced OB in the morning and evening and felt amazing.. More vitality and energy. Every part of my body was working in synchronicity. Healing on all levels, Mind, Body, and Soul.

Sending distance to the family. All felt better. Had more energy, fewer aches and pains and complaints.

Thank you so much.  
Blessings to you and Shivananda     
Jackie xxxx

Distant attunement for Omni 1.

I followed your instructions, 5 minutes prior to 6:30pm. Taking deep breaths and relaxing into the experience.

Within minutes I knew the energies had arrived, my ears were ringing, the back of my head was tingling, a whirling, whirring feeling completely encased my head and neck, it was like I was travelling fast through time/space but not visually experiencing that feeling, my thoughts were black, nothing was getting in, just the energy. I was very aware of my hands, my little fingers would come together and touch, then separate, then touch again. The feeling then started travelling down through my body, when it got to my legs and feet they became very heavy, a heaviness that felt like it would have held me down, rooted to the spot if I'd have tried to get up and walk off.

Everything then started to quieten down, the ringing stopped, I felt heavy but comfortable. The intensity didn't feel like it lasted that long, I could feel a tiredness wash over me and was able to open my eyes. I checked the time, it was 6:52pm. 

A wonderful experience, a feeling of love and happiness is firmly with me this evening.

Thank you much, Stephanie. What an extremely powerful experience. Just sitting and reflecting.

Thanks, so much Stephanie,

Natasha        Lots of love and Omni xxx

My attunement has been a life changing experience, for the highest good. I could not now imagine my life without Omni in it! Self-healing with Omni is now a huge part of my life, my daily routine, just like brushing my teeth or combing my hair, you feel out of sorts if you haven.t done these things, you know if something isn’t right and that’s exactly how I feel about Omni, it wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t present my mind, body, and soul with this wonderful healing energy every day.  ‘How truly magical is that?’’

My most positive experience was having that ‘Light Bulb Moment’ in one of my lovely conversations with Stephanie that this is where I need to be in my Life, that this is my calling. I was guided to Stephanie at the exact right time on my life path, for all the right reasons to heal others and heal past wounds buried within me, to make me a better version of myself. It was so needed, and I thank the Universe every day for the direction to this wonderful healing system and for the treasured connections I have made and will continue to make through my new Omni family.

I ‘HIGHLY’ recommend Omni to all. It is a completely safe, nurturing, and nourishing energy system that our mind, body and soul really benefits from in all aspects of thinking, feeling, and living. If anyone is thinking of welcoming Omni into their life, don’t think, do it, take that step. It really is life-changing. Stephanie is an incredible teacher, mentor and ow cherished friend. There are only positives awaiting you.

Natasha  Xxxx

My Omni 2 distant attunement

Hi Stephanie,

Here is my feedback for level 2 xxx

What do you feel about your Senior Healer attunement today?

I feel so, so PROUD!!! I feel elated that I have worked to the level of Senior Healer. Looking at myself now and the position I am in against where I was just 6 months ago is incredible. The contrast is phenomenal. I have found my light, which can’t be dimmed again.  

What was your most positive experience?

I genuinely couldn’t pick one, everything has been extremely positive. There is nothing that I am not enjoying, or I don’t understand. Level 2 has come through to me so very quickly and effortlessly, a natural progression.

Would you recommend this to others and why?

I certainly would recommend this to others. We all have the ability to change, to do better, to think differently, with Omni at our fingertips many doors will be opened. Having the power to assist yourself in your own healing, and the healing of others is something very, very special.

A million thank yous to Stephanie and Sameer xxxxx