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She was born in Austria, and then brought up in South Wales, UK Stephanie Jones is:

Master Teacher and Master Healer of Omni Healing- one to one and Distant teaching

Master Teacher and Practitioner of Omni Kriya, an Energy Massage Therapy

Master Teacher and Practitioner of Usui Reiki.

Teacher and Practitioner of Colour Breathing, a relaxation system.

Master Practitioner of Omni Sutra, Omni Saisutra and Omni Anugrah.

Senior Practitioner of Omni Saitva.

Practitioner of Rudraksh Therapy, Crystal Healing and EMF Balancing.

Practitioner of Omni Vichar, positive energy using positive intentions.

Practitioner of Omni Prabhav, clearing bad effects planets have on our body.

Practitioner of Omni  Kshitij working on unconscious, subconscious and superconscious levels working directly on human behaviour

Practitioner of Omni Hast Shastra effective on Mental, Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual, Auric and Karmic levels using fingers and hands.         

Practitioner of Omni Shrankalar, effective on immune and all body systems.


Stephanie founded Malindi Natural Healing and Teaching Centre near Carmarthen in West Wales and is dedicated to teaching others to help live a better life.

She also founded the Omni School of Healing UK and the UK Omni Association to ensure ethical energetic continuity and information.


“Health and harmony through natural healing of the  body, mind and spirit.”

Stephanie Jones

With gratitude, Stephanie was initiated, guided, and attuned by Guru, Shivananda, Dr Sameer Kale of Bhopal, India who was guided and attuned by his guides to promote this entirely new system of energy healing.

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Peace, Love, light, and Omni             

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